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Beliisa, production of dairy products for active people

We created the BELIISA brand in 2004. Our primary goal is to offer high-quality products to the Bulgarian customers, including milk, white brined cheese, yellow cheese, butter and cream.

We insist on keeping with the traditions but we also combine them with present-day technologies, such as safe packaging and a modern design, while keeping the favourite Bulgarian taste in all dairy products we make.

Beliisa are traditional dairy products made of 100% quality cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk.

Our production facilities are located in an ecologically pure region. Our milk comes from certified dairy farms and we oversee the strict adherence to all requirements for product safety during the production processes.

17 years of sale and distribution of dairy products

7 types of high-quality dairy products

5 000 square meters warehousing facilities owned by the company

Our dairies meet the highest EU quality standards for the production of dairy products: from the way in which our milk is stored through production to its final delivery to customers.

The company LUCKY 2003 Ltd was set up in 2003.
We specialise in the distribution, storage, and production of dairy products.
We distribute products made by Unilever, Kaliakra Oil, Fortland AD – manufacturer of phyllo under the brands Zlatnata Tsaritsa, Brezovo, and others.

The company’s business has grown over the years and today it employs more than 50 people.

We own a warehousing facility occupying an area of 5,000 square metres complying with all EU requirements for import and export of dairy products.

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