Beliisa as benefactor

Beliisa is the official sponsor of the only licensed pageant in Bulgaria – ‘Mini Miss and Mini Mister’ – a registered trademark of the actress Iliana Baliyska.

XVII National TV Festival ‘Little Big Talents’ and The original pageant ‘Mini Miss and Mini Mister’

As of the beginning of 2015, the Beliisa brand has been known to young and grown-up TV viewers as the sponsor of the only licensed pageant ‘Mini Miss and Mini Mister’ – a registered trademark of the actress Iliana Baliyska.

This high-spirited show has been discovering talents for more than 17 years in large and small towns and villages all around the country.

Many modern teen idols, such as Divna, Bogomil, and almost all other participants in the newly emerging TV reality shows made their first steps of the big stage and their first TV appearance on the children’s show hosted by Baliyska.

This original pageant is the only original national TV show for children – for little big shots aged 3 to 12 years.

Throughout the year, the mini misses and mini misters participate and perform in three seasonal editions – Spring, Summer, and Autumn – and when the year is coming to an end, they take part in the Gala Contest ‘Mini Miss and Mini Mister’ Bulgaria.

Each edition shows talented children from homes for children without parents, SOS Children’s Villages, and Romani children who get successfully integrated by participating in this large-scale creative project.

The Little Big Talents Festival is a platform for young creative groups which perform on behalf of their kindergarten, school, community center, or municipality. This is the widest-reaching project in our country – a celebration of children’s creativity!

The actress Iliana Baliyska shared:

‘I would like to say a big thank you to Beliisa for becoming a benefactor and for making possible the realization of this noble initiative. The team of Beliisa is a group of people with a revolutionary spirit and I firmly believe that the old saying that ‘Hands that give will never be empty’ absolutely applies to them.
Many of our participants and viewers have told me that ever since Beliisa was introduced in the commercial section of their favourite children’s show, they have started looking for and buying their products.
We are very selective about the companies we agree to advertise. Our benefactors must offer unquestionable quality and products that are ‘Delicious and Healthy’ so that we can wholeheartedly recommend them to the many loyal fans of our show.
I sincerely hope that Beliisa will gain more and more new customers grateful for the quality of their products. Each time we make a new show, our audience gives a big round of well-deserved applause to Beliisa, which is joined unreservedly by the entire team behind ‘Mini Miss and Mini Mister’.
I have a firm belief in our strong and long-lasting partnership because Beliisa holds dear the future of Bulgaria – our children – and for that reason it is making its contribution to the big breaks of our Little Big Talents!
Iliana Baliyska

The famous children’s TV host is also the voice behind the new commercial of Beliisa.